The Asia-Pacific View (APV) is an online content sharing and exchange platform developed by the ABU for its members. The underlying objective is to provide a means or platform for members to easily and securely upload and share the wide-ranging genre of content within their repositories with other members. The APV platform, as part of its functionality, will combine and replicate the operation of the existing exchange platforms namely Asiavision (AVN), ABU Sports & Entertainment Network (ASN) and the ABU Music Exchange (AMX), eventually replacing them.

The APV platform utilises state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and applications to deliver these services using a purpose built and secure portal with an easy to use interface. The platform is available for all ABU members to use in their content sharing and exchange operations.

In addition to the exchange functionality the platform will also include additional features that can be utilised for other media related applications and activities organised by the ABU for its members. Hence, once complete the APV platform will be able to provide the following functions as part of its services to members.





Provides a secure and easy to use platform for upload, view and download of content. This will work similar to the existing AVN, ASN and AMX, bringing all of these services to one platform.


Ability to share and distribute selected content outside of the exchange platform to specific and selected organisations or colleagues. This may include members and non-members as required through unique private links generated for each one with restricted and time limited access.


Allows creation of showcase content for training, online content judging and others similar applications, with restricted and time limited access.


Allowing members to submit content for contest entries, such as ABU Prizes, Climate Change and other projects as and when required.


Ability to provide live streaming of content from members to members including special events with restricted access, if required.


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Q. Who are eligible to become APV Users?
A. All Full, Additional Full and Associate members.

Q. Is there a service fee for accessing the APV?
A. No, there is no fee for joining the APV until further notice.

Q. Who will hold rights in the content uploaded?
A. All rights, title and interest including copyright, trademark and other proprietary
marks will vest with the respective users who upload the content (known as

Q. On what terms is a User granted a license to be an APV Member?
A. License granted to a User is on non – exclusive, non – transferable basis.

Q. What is a User’s liability regarding copyright for the content uploaded to the
A. Users will be solely liable for seeking copyright and other licenses before
uploading the video/audio content to the  APV. Under no circumstance, will ABU be
responsible for any dispute arising on account of copyright infringement.

Q. Are Users permitted to give third party access for the use of APV ?
A. No, users are not permitted to give third party access for the use of APV.

Q. Under what circumstances can the contract be terminated?
A. It can be terminated under three circumstances – (i) If the User commits a
material breach of the Agreement (ii) If the User fails to comply with the duties and
obligations as set forth in the Agreement (iii) If the Agreement between ABU and
Rights Holders is terminated or suspended.


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